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About Me

I have always been passionate about fitness and this journey of mine started a decade ago when I was ridden with health issues. I was determined to change the way I do things. I started running and I have not stopped since then. My interest in running pushed me to experiment with various sports, exercises, regimens. You name it and I have done it. All of them may not have been my best decisions but I have learnt from them. Once I knew that this addiction for everything fitness related is here to stay, I put myself through a course on nutrition. I also have a degree in Sports and Exercise Sciences which I am proud to say I passed with honors.

I have been a senior editor for a major sports and fitness magazine for over a decade now. This makes me uniquely qualified to critically evaluate various fitness regimens, training schedules, diets etc. I can translate the science of healthy living, nutrition, sports and fitness into engaging articles that makes sense for you.

To give you a better understanding of my involvement, I have been part of radio programs that have been conducted to promote fitness in working women. I have organized fitness and health workshops at the science museum. The participation numbers have always been high and I consider myself lucky that I have had amazing partners who have supported me by funding these programs.

While I have mentioned that my journey started with running, I am an accomplished marathoner. I have had immense success with running marathons and my personal best has been the Himalayan 100-mile race.  I am a qualified personal trainer plus a running coach as well. I have helped several people get to their fitness goals, including training them to run like pros. I have completed many commercial projects for companies like Nike and let me know if you are keen to discuss a project or wish to embark on a fitness journey.



Welcome To FC GYBO

''We try to make the world healthy and fitness''

The Heart: Skills

Playing a sport exercises your heart. When you are playing, there is an increased need to pump blood.

Expert Diabetes

In today's world diabetes, has become the number one killer and it is now beginning to affect younger people as well.

Class Timetable

People who have stayed fit all their loves will tell you how difficult it is to tone your muscles and keep them that way.

A word of caution though to everyone

Do make sure you understand the rules of the game or the sport you are attempting to play, take the help of experts where it is available and necessary.

Stretching and warming up before any exercise is essential and so is the case for a sport. Cooling down after an intense session of a game is also equally important. Take necessary precautions and enjoy.

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